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We love them but we all know there are some children's films that can be a bit err… questionable when it comes to portraying the genders in an equal light. So we’ve compiled a list of “feminist friendly” kids films that pass the Bechdel Test to help you raise your little advocate. 

For those not in the know, the Bechdel test is a basic feminist test for movies and for it to pass there needs to be a conversation between two female or gender minority characters, both have to be named and they have to talk about anything other than a man. Got it? Let’s go!


Who doesn’t love Moana? A brave young girl on an adventure to save her people and find her identity? Plus the music is 🤏 and obviously, there’s actually a conversation between two female characters that isn’t about a dude! 


A personal fave for a lot of the Spark Team, Frozen of course passes the Bechdel Test because Anna and Elsa continuously talk about things not related to a man. Elsa is also your bad arse solo aunt just living her best life. 


Merida for President! Absolutely love this film and the complete lack of romantic relationships surrounding the main character. Show this film to your kids as an example of non-mainstream protagonists absolutely killing it. 


A modern retelling of the ol’ Rupunzel fairy tale, this movie sees Rupunzel save herself which of course we’re here for. She does have a little help from a guy but they’re not all bad right?

The Incredibles

A great film that passes the Bechdel Test, The Incredibles sees lots of conversations between Elastigirl and Violet talking about science and other cool stuff not related to a man. 


Believe it or not, but old school Cinderella does indeed pass the Bechdel Test. Although we’ll need to rewatch this one as for the life of us we can’t think of conversations between two women that don’t revolve around men. Even the step sisters are husband crazy. 


Love this one! Juddy Hopps and Bellwether, two female characters, who several times during the film about their past and discrimination in the city. While they sometimes discuss male characters, it’s not all about the boy, which obviously is the point.

Remember, while the Bechdel Test is a good starting point, it doesn’t mean these films don’t have blind spots or room for improvement. It’s not a definitive test of equality, but it is something.

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  • I am having my mind broadened, I have never heard of the Bechdel test and it’s a good one. I shall be applying this in future, just to see what passes!


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