Every Purchase Helps A Woman In Need 💜

About Us (Old)

Female Founded, Female Run

Welcome to Spark, a community for anyone who believes in the radical notion that everyone should be treated equally. 

We’re what people call feminist killjoys, a term that we’re actually quite proud of. We’re here to put our money where our ‘loud feminist’ mouths are, creating apparel and accessories that scream feminism + equality while whispering quality + sustainability seductively (and consensually) in your ear at the same time.

We know that ethical shopping is important to our community, and we ain’t no pump and dump brand. We’re all in, meet your parents, stand outside in the rain with a speaker above our head kinda into this, and we want you to be too. 

Paying It Forward

For us, this is much more than slogan tees. From the beginning we wanted Spark to be a community that paid it forward, championing the causes and brands that aligned with our values. Our products are about expression and finding your voice, but we wanted to be about action as well, that’s why we’re proud to be donating part of our profits to Bloody Good Period, akt, and other charities close to our team’s hearts.

    Hand on our heart, we promise...

    • To fight for equality for EVERYONE - no exceptions.

    • To create inclusive products no matter your size or gender. For most of our products, we offer a UK6 - UK24 size range, which is a great start but there’s so much more we want to do. Watch this space! 

    • To manufacture ethical products with humane and fair work practices - absolutely no sweatshops or child labour, ever. 

    • To work sustainably and to keep finding more ways to do so. Whether it’s our zero-waste policy, using vegan dyes, or opting for plastic-free packaging, we’re all about not being a dick to planet earth. 

    • To create a safe online community. We get a lot of trolls (surprised? No, neither were we), and we encourage healthy debate on our channels, however, we draw the line at violence, threats, or abuse. So hit us up if you ever feel unsafe, we have no problem blocking haters from our community.
    • And lastly, we promise to have your back. Whether it’s an issue with your order, a concern about a product or message, or a general SPARK question, we’re always here to help a sister out.