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Sparklers, gather round! Our Tarot collection is full and flourishing. With a range of tees, a super CUTE jigsaw puzzle (if we do say so ourselves) and our NEW tarot sticker pack, it’s safe to say our tarot range is here to stay. And we love it. So… close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your intuition guide you to a card. 
Got one in mind? Hold it there, and find the meaning down below:


The High Priestess

Ah, the intuitive High Priestess! Depicted as the always-inspiring Frida Kahlo, because you are a GODDESS! Artistic, spiritual and wise, you are a supportive force for those around you. You are called to delve deep into your divine feminine, and connect to your wisdom, expression and creativity at this time. 

The Warrior

You WARRIOR! Life has been tough for you at times, precious warrior, but you fight your battles with grace and determination. You really are a badass! You motivate and inspire those around you to never give up. Take this time to appreciate what you’ve done and how far you’ve come! Treat yourself to some serious self-care, you deserve it! 

The Suffragette

The Suffragette, the boots on the ground campaigner, the one who stands up for everything that’s right. We thank you. You are fearless and never afraid to fight the patriarchy. Today, think about how proud you should be of yourself and all the good you put out into the world. And don’t forget to pour some of that goodness back into yourself, too! 

The World

Oh, The World can be such a scary place sometimes, but you do everything you can to take care of it as much as possible. The nurturing protector, we see how much you do. You see things from a much broader perspective, thinking about how all of the small things we do can add up to something much greater. Take a step inwards today and nurture your own inner world, it’s okay. 

The Witch

The Witch, dark and a little mysterious, we are captivated by your allure. You love the unknown and have an inspiring faith in the Universe. You can manifest anything, absolutely anything, you want, so what will it be today? Spend some time appreciating your gifts. Cleanse your space and indulge in your rituals. Your energy is powerful and needs to be nurtured. 

The Judge

Who else would we choose to depict The Judge but the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We think you just might be the original boss! Career-driven and completely unstoppable, you lead the way for those around you. A true inspiration.  Take some time today and slow down in your own way. Does your vision board need updating? We know you’ve ticked off half of those goals already! 

The Lovers

Ah, The Lovers. To be surrounded by love is one of the greatest joys we get to experience. And to love with a true heart makes it all the more powerful. What does showing love look like to you? Take a moment today to remember all the beautiful ways in which you show love. Celebrate the devotion you give and the courage it takes to love so freely. 

The Icon

She’s an ICON! We can almost feel you sparkling through the screen. There’s a lot of main character energy here, the spotlight is on you. And this is your time to step fully into your power. You know you need to focus on you, do what makes YOU happy and really soak up that joy. Remember: never let anyone dim your light! You. Are. Everything.

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Written by Tayler Pineda

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