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It’s the month of loooove, Sparklers! Galentine’s Day is coming up (yay!) and with the New Moon in Aquarius, the timing couldn't be better. This time is all about focusing on platonic love, reaching out to those in your circle and nurturing your friendships. It’s also a great moment for new beginnings, maybe trying a new hobby with your bestie? FINALLY going to that place you keep sending each other TikTok videos of?


Now Aries, we know you THRIVE on independence, but this month is showing big reunion energy. So it’s best to keep an open mind and discern when (and who) you can welcome back with open arms. The Sun enters Pisces this month, which will help you cultivate empathy, wisdom and selfless love. Now we’re definitely not saying unblock your ex, but we ARE saying rekindling old friendships can be a beautiful thing.


With Galentine’s on the horizon, take a moment to think about who’s really in your village. Things can feel a little hectic this month, with erratic Mars moving into Aquarius. But have no fear, your grounded energy combined with the support of those around you, and you’ll barely feel it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your network and you’ll be achieving your goals with ease! We love to see it!


Oh Cap, if you aren’t the best friend to those around you, we don’t know who is! You are loved and relied upon greatly, but if it begins to take a toll, don’t be afraid to set boundaries or try something new to spend time with your loved ones. Communication will be smooth for you this month. So why not try celebrating yourself AND those who you care about with a bit of TLC? (the band, or a spa day, up to you!)


It’s giving rom-com marathon with your fam vibes for you, Scorpio. And unapologetically so. We see you surrounded by love and family, it’s a good time to check in and get some quality time going! Whether it be your actual relatives, or your chosen family, it will be everything you (or they) need. With Mercury in Aquarius, you can take advantage of the fresh ways of thinking and maybe the inevitable deep chats will lead to brand new ideas! How exciting!


All we can think about is Libra surrounded by plushies right now, the energy is TOO CUTE. Let February be a time for sweetness, nurture your inner child with aaaall the love and have some fun. You’ll be ticking off tasks and goals with ease, so you better bask in the joy to celebrate! Cosy up to the lovey dovey vibes of this month, and whether alone or with loved ones, don’t forget the little treats! You deserve them.


Ooooh, the vibes are feeling fiery and creative right now, Leo. You might have been feeling a little stuck, but with the New Moon in Aquarius, now’s the time to work it all out. A fresh mindset and trying something new could really bring you out of a creative rut! Now, we know you love to be social, so this is the PERFECT opportunity to join a group. Or do something creative with your friends! We’re already jealous of your Galentine’s date.


Self care, self care, self care. Do we need to say it again? Remember, this is the month of love, Sag. SELF LOVE INCLUDED! Take a moment right now to think about what will really reeeeally get you relaxed… that is what you need to plan. Whether it be a solo trip, a girls trip or a free for all, indulge in some fun! It will make it all the easier for you to care for yourself (and others, by proxy).


With the New Moon in Aquarius, you could be feeling a bit up in the air this month, Gemini. You’ll be day-dreaming and fantasising about that perfect way to unwind, but let’s get all of the responsibilities out of the way first. With the full moon in Virgo at the end of the month, that’s when we’re aiming for. It’ll be the best time to ground yourself in that earth energy, and let go of everything you’ve been carrying for the month of Feb. Plan ahead, and get something romantic in the diary to look forward to!


With Mercury in Pisces at the end of the month, it’s time to unpack all of the thoughts and feelings that have been floating around that beautiful mind. You might be feeling more sensitive and emotional, and that’s okay. Whatever your outlet is, don’t feel guilty spending more time leaning into it and getting everything out. We know everybody is obsessed with being social this month, but it’s okay to prioritise yourself and have some solo time. Treating yourself the way you would treat a loved one is everything you need.


Okay, we know it’s not the first month of the year, but creativity and out of the box thinking will be strong in Aquarius season. So if you haven’t already, get to planning and mood boarding, it’ll be better than ever! And with the romance (self love and little treats, obvs) in the air, you might even be able to tick off some of the things you’d love to do. Especially if it’s something new, the New Moon in Aquarius would LOVE that! And will reward you for doing so.


Okay Virgo, it’s Aquarius season. Do. Not. Panic. We know you love to be grounded, you earth signs keep 10 toes on the ground at all times. But now is the time to try and go with the flow. Really test those spontaneous muscles. With social plans and new things to do in the back of your mind, you never know how great it could go if you just say yes! Think: balance. The planets are aligned to support you in whatever it is that takes you out of your comfort zone.


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! It’s YOUR season! And you better not let anyone forget it. You’ll be the life of the party, obvs. Your New Moon will bring every opportunity to get everyone together, try new things and support each other through it all. With all the beautiful chaos it brings, don’t forget to take time for yourself and indulge in self care when you need to. Okay, we’ll compromise, you can bring some loved ones along too. But let yourself CHILL.

Written by Tayler Pineda

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