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Hold on to your pussy hats, Sparklers, because Lady Universe ain’t messing around this October. The new moon in Libra is coming early doors on the 6th, this means things are commmming, good or bad it’s up to you, but you have to be open to them. Show the universe your intentions and good times will come gurl.



It’s all about the health for you this month, so lean in and treat yo’ body like the temple it is. For those of you in relationships, watch out for money, money, money creating problems, and for those who are single, it’s OK to be confused. The planets are basically cock-blocking you, just ride it out as good times are ahead. 



It’s time to hit the road and see the world (safely and according to covid-safe protocols, obvs). This month is a great time for you to see places you haven’t before. Romantic relationships could be tricky though, and if you’re single, it’s time to let go and trust, now is a good time to be open (but not to fuck boys, ain’t no planets got time for fuck boys).



Listen, it’s not your month Gemini. I hate to say it, but the truth shall set you free. There might be some hurdles this month, but you are strong baby gurl, ride them out like the boss you are and everything will be OK. In good news, your health is looking fab, so that’s something right?



It’s your time to shine, Cancer! We’re talking great times at work, existing relationships kicking goals, and potentially even life-changing love for those who are single. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Remember to stop and appreciate these positive vibes, they can leave as fast as they come.



Take a deep breath and relax because October looks pretty chill for you. Those in relationships might find the first week a little rocky, but after that, it’s easy street in all areas. Take this time to chill and recharge. 



It’s time to get busy Virgo because this month is all about lurrrvvve. Light those candles, grab your sex toys, and make it a night to remember. Business and health are looking good to go, so enjoy this month of wins.



Love is going to try you this month, but remember the planets always have your back. Be patient and empathetic, it will all be OK in the end. Plus your health is looking good, so don’t let that love drama stress you out and ruin the party.



Everything is looking ace for you, except for work, that’s a bit crap. So focus on relationships, both romantic and platonic, and lean into that healthy lifestyle. There are lots of wins this month (just ignore career BS).



It’s all about business this month. And no I don’t mean sexy business (unfortunately), we’re talking brass tax. So take a chance on that investment, ask your boss for that meeting, the planets have your back. And for those in relationships, understanding is key this month, so get cash and empathy yall. 



It’s all about career for you this month Capricorns. The planets have got your back when it comes to bizness so make sure you take advantage. Relationships might be rocky in the first few weeks but sit tight as they get easy towards the end. 



The planets are telling you to travel, gurl (safely and according to covid-safe protocols, obvs) because apparently there are some gains to be had outside of your house. Also, there could be some family drama, so maybe getting away is just what you need.



It’s a good month for you Pieces. We’re talking happy times in your career, good health, fun times in relationships (more so towards the end). So ride that good wave and appreciate the happy times ahead. 


Written by Lady Universe

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