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Shit is getting real this month, Sparklers, and like the absolute Queen that is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Lady Universe is here to slay. Aries season is upon us and so is Spring, bringing with it the opportunity for growth and rejuvenation. Set those intentions, gurls, Lady Universe can only help you when you ask for it. 



Happy birthday season beautiful Aries. Now is the time to live it up and celebrate all things you. Birthday season is a great time to put yourself in the spotlight and work towards your biggest goals, Lady Universe has your back. The new moon of the year arrives 11th April, so grab this energy by the ovaries and make shit happen. 



Good news, it’s time to take a well deserved break, grab a wine, and take the time to think about what it is you actually want. Lady Universe is giving you a free pass to sit this one out, so take advantage. The new moon on the 11th is telling you to do just this. Especially as birthday season is on its way for you, and you know that’s going to be carnage (in the best way). 



Pop on your running shoes Gemini because this month is all about productivity. The full moon on the 26th is bringing with it energy. Could be in relationships, work or your health. Take this time to make shit happen. You’ll be busy, but the grind will be worth it if you put in the work. 



Mars is getting up in your grill on the 23rd, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Harness it’s powerful and dominant energy to get shit done. Set your mind to your goals and use Mars’ big dick energy to ask for that raise, communicate with your partner or set some personal boundaries. 


You are the life of the party up until the 23rd of this month. You’re invited to all the gatherings and making all the memories. Enjoy this! You’ll have the energy, but remember that there is only so much to go around. Stop when you feel tired as a rested gurl is a happy gurl. Also, take note at the end of the month, something is up in your domestic house which means there could be some issues at home. Don’t stress, but keep an eye out. 


I’m just going to come right out and say it, this month the sun wants you to get some. It’s firing hot in your intimacy sector, which means it’s time to get freaky and communicate your wants with your partner (or vibrator, we’re all about the self love baby). Lady Universe wants to see that post-O glow, don’t disappoint her. You’ve also got Mars in your career sector this month, so let’s put some fire in the boardroom as well as in the sheets, Virgo. 


The new moon on the 11th is telling you to get your communication on, so take some time to understand what it is you truly want from your relationships (not just romantic ones BTW), and open up those channels of communication to work towards your goals. If you’re single and wanting to find someone, this is a great time to be upfront about what you want, you deserve it. 



You’ve got planets right up in your productivity sector this month, so shit is going to get busy, but in the best way. Embrace the chaos because beauty will follow. Look out for new opportunities on the 11th (new moon energy yall), and assess whether they’re right for you. Remember, change can be great, but it should be seriously considered first. 


The sun, Venus and Mercury are having a threesome in your passion sector this month (sounds hot), so lay back and enjoy that passionate energy. We’ve also got Mars coming to join the party (such a perv), but it’s bringing with it some big dick energy to help you get what you want. Don’t be shy, make your desires known. 



The sun is up in your domestic sector this month, Capricorns, so enjoy this much needed downtime at home. It brings with it comfort and stability, we’re talking cosy socks, neverending bottles of pinot and Netflix marathons. The new moon on the 11th will open up some new doors, to see you transform your home, potentially move or even help a loved one. 



You’re bursting with ideas, Aquarians, and thankfully you’ve got the new moon on the 11th opening your communication sector. Take this opportunity to grab your soapbox and speak your truth. Remember, communication comes in so many forms, so pick the medium that works best for you. There’s also a potential breakthrough or opportunity at the end of the month, so keep an eye out. 


Mars is really bringing it for you this month, being mostly in your domestic sector. This doesn’t have to be bad, although Mars is a fiery queen so be careful what you say. Wise Pisceans will use this energy to make things happen, be it renovations or a move entirely. At the end of the month Mars then moves into your passion sector, so if you do end up spending the start of the month fighting, don’t worry, as it’ll end in great make-up sex.


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